From a “I am an expert” mind-set to a “I ask powerful questions” mind-set.


Giving up the quest to know it all, which is more impossible than ever before, to embrace experimentation, productive iterations of failures and flexibility, until you reach success… for 30 days or so, and you need to start all over again.


Success is no longer a destination, it is a process. It is not linked with results anymore, but with skills. The skill to innovate, to take risks, to gain perspective, to be resilient and proactive.


Now, mindsets are not just in people’s heads, they are reflected in your organizational incentives, personnel evaluations, even your vision- mission declaration. So digital transformation is also about creating an environment that promotes the right mind-sets and behaviors. Communication is key to this process.


Are you promoting teamwork or individualities? Knowledge or entrepreneurship? Taking risks or maintaining status quo?


Take a look at the companies that are thriving in the digital era and ask yourself: what type of culture do they have?