Competing for salaries and benefits to retain talent is unsustainable, and you know it. There will always be another company offering more, and in the long run, this practice has an impact on excellence and results.

For this reason, we work on organizational culture to make it suitable for the development of business in the digital era and attractive for key profiles (which are more difficult to find and retain) of software developers and dynamic managers.

We bring you a lot of ideas and good practices based on our experience after having implemented them for other clients and checked their impact on corporate results. At the same time, we treat each client as unique. We design the long-term vision with top management and work withteams to move forward via short cycles of experiments, actions, results measurement, learning creation and tactics adjustment, with a view to ongoing improvement.

We begin by making a preliminary analysis of the current situation, providing also a list of specific changes suggested for the short term and a proposal for implementing the cultural transformation process in the mid- and long-term. ​

We believe that developing the right internal communication strategy means understanding organizations challenges and creating messages that motivate people, as well as helping the Leadership Team, HR, Internal and Institutional Communications departments deliver their messages in an effective, attractive and surprising way.

We create internal communication campaigns taking into account that we speak to people, that we want them feel driven by a purpose and to be aware of their footprint in the world.o.

We believe in the power of Storytelling. There are no small messages: every single thing we say can drive change. ​

We are always telling a story. Our team of writers, journalists, storytellers and designers work together to design and produce any type of content you might need for all sorts of media. High quality communications campaigns can drive value through change.​

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There are many reasons why digital transformations fail and we know lots of them.

We tackle this challenge by applying more than 10 years of experience in supporting our clients in their digital transformation journey. Our approach is based on three critical areas of performance: developing your leaders, co-designing the right strategy, and supporting a seamless implementation. Each project is designed to meet the needs of your people —the lifeline of your business.

Your business can achieve its full potential only when your people are empowered, engaged, and aligned around one mission.

Some methodologies we put in place: