The social network of the moment can be a great ally of internal communications. Below we present some ideas to incorporate it.

We had the challenge of organizing the Town Hall of a global company, in the midst of a pandemic and via streaming. For the closing of the meeting, the client asked to recognize the efforts of the market leaders in recent months, in an entertaining way. It was when we thought of TikTok.

The app – which surpassed WhatsApp in the number of downloads in 2019 and currently has 800 million users – has a simple proposal: to record short videos and embellish them with visual and musical effects.

We suggested to the client that each manager filmed himself at home dancing to a TikTok choreography. The underlying message was to highlight synergy and group coordination as values ​​that lead to success. In a second phase, the dance became a challenge for the rest of the company’s collaborators, and we created a landing page for them to upload their videos and vote for the most creative ones.

“We noticed that companies – and employees – are looking to step out of the box and communicate in more innovative ways. They want to have fun in an office context; to merge recreation and work,”, explains Valeria Scherbovsky, Oxean’s Director of Development.

What can be done with TikTok internally?

This new channel, whose main audience is usually between 16 and 24 years old, has the advantage of impacting and entertaining. We can make use of these virtues for our IC strategy, to:

  1.  Create content that is easy to go viral: in real time, spontaneous and mobile. Young people, especially, tend to appreciate “authentic” corporate content far more than sophisticated and meticulously designed communications.


  2. Set up challenges to promote creativity, teamwork, coordination and other institutional values.

  3. Bring together and “humanize” managers. What if in the next internal meeting or executive communication the CEO makes a simple video, with a telephone, in which he presents the achievements or gives details of some change or innovation in the company?
  4. Create an employment channel, to apply in a super original way.

  5. Provide training or tutorials. TikTok can serve as a micro-learning platform for very short videos such as “How do I configure …”, “How do I use the tool …”

Perhaps in the near future we will use TikTok even as an internal social network in which each collaborator has their profile, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Workplace by Facebook. The truth is that this tool shows no signs of stopping and promises to give us far more utilities than just watching and uploading funny videos.

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